Amber is an important mid-tier material needed in Lego Fortnite. Amber is used to upgrade your village, along with crafting rare axes, which are needed to cut down some of the rarer trees. Amber is found in its rough form and will need to be processed before you can use it for crafting tools and upgrading your village. Here’s where you can mine and process amber in Lego Fortnite.

Where to find amber

Amber is found in the dry valley, on top of the plateaus in the region.
Amber is found in the dry valley, on top of the plateaus in the region.

Amber is found in the dry valley biome, which is a desert area. Unfortunately, the biome locations are generated randomly when you make a world, so it isn’t in a set location. However, it seems like the dry valley can be found by heading in the opposite direction of the snowy area. You should be able to see icy mountains from your starting village location, so try heading in the opposite direction. Occasionally, the NPCs will recommend you find materials from the desert and will give you a cardinal direction to head in to find it, so try talking to them, too. The dry valley features tall plateaus, which are visible from a reasonable distance, so also try looking for those.

Once you reach the dry valley, amber deposits can be found on top of those plateaus, so you will need to bring a few stacks of wood with you to build stairs. You can also find normal trees in the area, so don’t sweat if you run out. Amber deposits are large, yellow rock deposits. To mine Amber you need at least an uncommon (green) pickaxe, which is the one made with wooden rods and bones. A normal pickaxe won’t do any damage to the deposits. You could also use explosives, but the amber isn’t always clumped up enough to make this efficient. Before you head out of the dry valley, there are a few other resources here you will need to build a Gem Cutter, which is needed to process the amber.

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