With enough Lego you could build an entire city inside of your home, and if that’s plan, you’re going to want to add some historical culture to your mini-metropolis. That’s where the upcoming Lego Natural History Museum comes into play, as it’s part of the modular series of buildings that can be constructed to create a unique neighborhood for your figures.

Preorder at Lego Store

For this particular set, you’ll be able to build a home for several exhibits from the more than 4,000 pieces included here. Available for preorder exclusively at the Lego Store ahead of its December 1 release, the $300 set includes dual skylights that allow light to permeate the building’s two levels, a towering Brachiosaurus skeleton, and a collection of treasures within its walls.

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Other rooms include the curator’s office, astronomy exhibits, ancient artifacts, and even a small observatory for some stargazing. You’ll get seven mini-figures out of the box, and once you’ve assembled the museum, it’ll measure 13 inches in height and 16 inches wide. If you want to complete the rest of the set, Lego also offers Jazz Club, Police Station, Boutique Hotel, Bookshop, and Assembly Square kits that can be joined together for one massive diorama piece.

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