Lego is one of the best gifts that you can get anyone, as it’s hard to not have a smile on your face when you see a box of colorful building blocks in front of you. For Prime Day 2023, Best Buy is offering several of the expensive sets at reduced prices, and the promotion includes a number of licensed sets. Super Mario fans get three sets to choose from, as the Frozen Tower, Peach Starter Course, and Big Spike’s Cloudtop Challenge expansion set have all been discounted by $12-$21.

Prefer some tomb raiding instead? You can relive Indiana Jones’ iconic brush with death in a Temple of the Golden Idol set that comes with an ancient treasure, spherical death-traps, and a tiny fedora for the famed archeologist. For a few small gift ideas under $10, Best Buy has the Lego City Fire Helicopter and a race car project for just $8 each. On the Star Wars side of this sale, there’s a detailed TIE Bomber for $56. Avatar fans can build a cinematic showdown, and anyone wanting to visit Joey can put together the apartments from Friends.

No Lego snakes included, much to Indy's delight.
No Lego snakes included, much to Indy’s delight.

For something more technical, there’s a few Technic sets available as well. The Formula E Porsche 99X is a fun afternoon build, and for something less environmentally friendly, you can pay tribute to the Ford Mustang Shelby with this build that imagines the car in a very green color scheme. If you’d prefer some digital Lego because you don’t want to risk stepping on a stray block, you can get Lego 2K Drive for 33% less this week.

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