Lego’s Black Friday 2023 is live and runs through tomorrow, November 27. As usual, you can get free gift sets by spending certain amounts of money on your order. The sale is headlined by the brand-new Lego Avengers Tower for $500. Though not discounted, the 5,201-piece set comes with three free gifts, including an exclusive set you can only get by purchasing this recreation of the Avengers Tower. The Avengers Tower is joined by big discounts on a wide variety of large-scale sets, including the Razor Crest, Black Panther, Hogwarts Express, Hulkbuster, and more.

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Based on Tony Stark’s skyscraper that would eventually become the headquarters of Earth’s mightiest mortals, the Avengers Tower stands over 35 inches tall when completed. There’s more to this set than just a really tall building, as it comes with loads of extras. You’ll get 31 minifigures of the Avengers, civilians, SHIELD agents, and Loki’s Chitauri invasion force, allowing you to recreate several of your favorite Marvel movie scenes. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is even included, so at least you’ll be able to throw your movie pitch for Skrull Kill Crew at this tiny plastic replica.

Inside the building, you’ll find an Iron Man armory, a helipad to park the Quinjet that you can build, an arena for dueling supers-soldiers to gaze at America’s ass, and at least one room that you can use to Hulk-smash a puny god into oblivion. Do you like shwarma? Yes, there’s a break room where you can all indulge in that wonderful delicacy after you’ve defeated Loki. This will make for a great showpiece in your collection if you have the space for it.

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