If you’ve already played all the Souls games, Elden Ring, and Bloodborne, but still have a hankering for some tough-as-nails action-RPG goodness, then we have the deal for you. Lies of P is currently discounted across multiple retailers for Black Friday, and not only is the game a great Souls-like, but also a very clever take on one of literature’s most famous stories.

Lies of P
Lies of P

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Normally $60, Lies of P is on sale right now across multiple platforms for $50. The Souls-like will take most players more than 20 hours to complete, making it a great choice to play over your holiday break. Though it is available via Xbox Game Pass as well, it’s unlikely to permanently stay in the program, and this is an especially good way for PS4 and PS5 owners to get the game for cheap.

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