The upcoming steampunk action-RPG Lies of P is set to launch in August for PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S, and it’s now available for preorder at several retailers. At the time of writing, only physical standard editions are available for preorder at a few online stores, and no preorder bonuses have been announced, but we’ll go over all the ways to secure your copy of this mature, Bloodborne-inspired take on the classic Pinnochio tale.

Lies of P standard edition

Lies of P standard edition PS5
Lies of P standard edition PS5

You can preorder physical copies of Lies of P standard edition for PS5, PS4, or Xbox Series X|S at Amazon, and for PS5 at Best Buy. All versions are priced at $60. Neither retailer has announced any exclusive preorders yet, but preordering now locks you in for the lowest-price preorder guarantee. It’s likely more places will open Lies of P preorders closer to launch.

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