The Neo Geo Pocket Color may have been overshadowed by Game Boy Color when it launched in the late ’90s, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that it was home to some awesome games. Now, fans who missed out on Limited Run Games’ initial release of Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 2 can preorder an Amazon-exclusive steelbook bundle while supplies last. The compilation releases on March 19, though we’d expect this to sell out prior to release.

Whether you played these games on the original Neo Geo Pocket Color or are checking them out for the first time, this bundle is arguably the best way to experience them in 2024. While most of these games are being ported in their original format and are authentic to the original experience, you’ll find a new rewind functionality on Switch that makes it easier to fight your way through these challenging classics

Remember–this bundle is only being sold at Amazon and limited quantities are available. If you’re interested in picking it up, you’ll want to preorder a copy soon.

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