The last few years have seen some terrific anime films emerge, animated tales that combine the strengths of the medium to deliver emotional gut-punches and performances deserving of widespread recognition. If you’re looking to sit back with a critically acclaimed film that combines incredible animation with an intriguing story, 2023’s mega-hit Suzume is a great option and is available to preorder at Amazon ahead of its March 12 release. Both the limited edition and standard Blu-ray versions are discounted, too.

  • Suzume Limited-Edition Blu-ray and DVD — $52 ($65)
  • Suzume (Blu-ray and DVD) — $29.49 ($35)

The limited-edition will come packaged with a 60-page art book and four art cards. Both editions come with three discs: a standard 1080p Blu-ray, DVD, and a special-features Blu-ray disc containing the following extras:

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