When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, it’s hard to beat Logitech. The company makes some of the most popular gaming accessories on the market, and often times its accessories are more affordable than the competition. That’s even more true today, as Amazon is slashing prices on a wide variety of Logitech headsets, keyboards, gaming mice, and other accessories.

One of the biggest price cuts is for the premium G533 Wireless Gaming Headset, which is seeing a $90 discount and is now just $60. With support for 7.1 surround sound, impressive bass, and a gorgeous design featuring stainless steel bands for added durability, Logitech’s headset is an easy recommendation at this new low price.

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If you want something a bit more affordable, consider checking out the G435 Lightspeed, which offers many of the same features and is just $30 (down from $80).

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