Hot Wheels are some of the best and easiest gifts around. They’re fun for all ages, the idea of making a diecast matchbox car defy gravity is universally appealing, and the cars themselves are artistic works of four wheel art. For Black Friday, Amazon is offering some big discounts on a wide range of Hot Wheels vehicles and tracks, including several exclusives and a handful of Mario Kart products such as the Circuit Track set for a big discount, a Super Mario Bros. Movie four-pack of cars, and an Amazon-exclusive four-pack. Most of these deals have limited quantities, so you’ll want to burn rubber and grab these Hot Wheels cars and tracks before they’re gone.

Black Friday Hot Wheels Car Pack Deals

Hot Wheels Mario Kart - Super Mario Bros. Movie Edition
Hot Wheels Mario Kart – Super Mario Bros. Movie Edition
  • Hot Wheels Super Mario Bros. Movie Four-Pack — $18 ($24)
  • Hot Wheels Mario Kart Four-Pack (Amazon Exclusive) — $19 ($24)
  • Hot Wheels Marvel Spider-Man Five-Pack — $18 ($23)
  • Hot Wheels Marvel RacerVerse Five-Pack — $24 ($30)
  • Forza Horizon Collector’s Five-Pack (Amazon Exclusive) — $28 ($38)
  • Hot Wheels Set of 10 cars — $11 ($14)
  • Hot Wheels Set of 10 sports cars — $10 ($14)
  • Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Creature Three-Pack — $9.50 ($13.50)
  • Hot Wheels ABC Racers (26 cars) — $24 ($35)

Hot Wheels Track playsets

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Circuit Track
Hot Wheels Mario Kart Circuit Track
  • Hot Wheels Mario Kart Circuit Track playset — $60 ($91)
  • Hot Wheels Mario Kart Circuit Lite Track playset — $44 ($54)
  • Hot Wheels: The Super Mario Bros. Movie Jungle Kingdom Raceway playset — $28 ($40)
  • Hot Wheels Flame track set builder — $14.50 ($25)
  • Hot Wheels Gator Loop playset — $13 ($19)
  • Hot Wheels Drag Strip Champion circuit — $12.50 ($19)
  • Hot Wheels City Transforming Race Tower playset — $23.49 ($35)
  • Hot Wheels City: Super Twist Tire Shop — $14.50 ($24)
  • Hot Wheels Figure-8 Jump –$24 ($35)
  • Hot Wheels Loop Mayhem playset — $33 ($59)
  • Hot Wheels Four-Intersection crash course playset — $40 ($59)
  • Hot Wheels Spin Storm playset — $41 ($59)
  • Hot Wheels City: Ultimate Garage playset — $91 ($130)

One of the big discounts here is a Super Mario Bros. Movie four-pack of Mario Kart racers for $18 (normally $24). This set includes Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, and Toad, all ready to go as they sit on their signature go-karts. Amazon also has an exclusive Mario Kart four-pack for $19, and this one features Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Yoshi in their adorable vehicles.

Of course, you will need somewhere to race these cute cars, and that’s where this Mario Kart Circuit comes into play. Available for $60 (normally $91), the Mario Kart Circuit Track Set includes Mario and Yoshi diecast karts alongside themed obstacles, track pieces, and a kart-launching mechanism. There’s also a smaller “Lite” version of this track on sale at Walmart for $44. And Mario Movie fans can pair their four-pack of cars with the Donkey Kong-themed Jungle Kingdom Raceway from the film.

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