The ubiquitous battle royale genre can now add the racetrack to its domain, as Sumo Digital–the team behind the recent Sonic The Hedgehog racing games as well as multiple entries in the Forza franchise–has revealed its next project: Stampede: Racing Royale, which will hit Steam Early Access later this year.

Stampede pits 60 players against each other in go-kart-style racing events, complete with power-ups, weapons, and more. At launch, two match types will be available: Stampede Races, which are classic races running multiple laps around a single track, and Stampede Battles, which focuses more on eliminating other players with weapons found around the track.

Each match consists of three rounds, and each round after the first eliminates the bottom 20 finishers from the field until a winner is crowned. Players can race solo, or they can link up with friends and race together.

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