He may be a day late, but that’s probably okay when you’re wishing yourself a happy birthday. That’s the case here with Master Chief voice actor Steve Downes, who belatedly celebrated Spartan 117’s milestone today. Officially, the Chief’s birthday is March 7.

Downes shared a video on Twitter to mark the special occasion. He admitted that Chief’s age is debatable but likes to think the Spartan has hit the big 5-0. Downes ends the clip by saying, “A milestone for the big fellow. Long may we run.” He then takes a sip out of a Master Chief coffee mug before adding he needs a birthday cake.

Developer 343 Industries may not have had a cake for Master Chief yesterday, but the studio did have a huge update for Halo Infinite by launching Season 3 Echoes Within. There is a new 100-tier battle pass, maps, mode, and more. The Halo Season 3 patch notes also detail other changes and improvements too.

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