Minecraft fans, rejoice, for Walmart is offering the perfect vessel to keep your favorite beverages cool in a unit that looks like it was pulled straight from your favorite game. Just in time for–checks notes–next summer, this Minecraft Green Creeper Mini Fridge has been marked down from its usual price of $168 to a very tempting $55.

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Even if you’re not a fan of Minecraft, this is still a very cool-looking and operating mini fridge, pun fully intended. It’s functional home decor, small enough to be positioned nearby so that you’re always within arms reach of your gamer fuel, and it has two separate compartments within its 8L frame. You can fit up to four cans in the top compartment and two 16-ounce bottles in the bottom section of this lime green collectible. It even has external green ambient lighting for that extra visual crack.

As for what you can store inside of it, we have a few options for you. To keep things green, you can always grab some Mountain Dew to cram inside of this Creeper, or if you feel like punishing your internal organs, 24 cans of Redbull cost you $52 and a lifetime of regret. Alternatively, you can get sugar-free Redbull if you like to live life slightly less dangerously. The best option though? Angry water–or what the norms refer to as sparkling water–to help you reach that carbonated buzz without needing to down a can of weaponized caffeine.

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