Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced its next major mobile game: Monster Hunter Now. The collaboration with Capcom will bring Rathalos to your neighborhood via augmented reality in September 2023.

Monster Hunter Now will let players hunt monsters in the real world, with regions around the world assigned specific ecological areas that spawn specific monsters. Fighting monsters will use tap and swipe controls depending on the equipped weapon, and weapons and armor can be forged and upgraded using materials earned from defeated monsters. Notably, each fight against an encountered monster will only last a maximum of 75 seconds, which is a major shift from the usual 10-20 minute battles found throughout the franchise.

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Players can also team up against larger monsters, as the game’s multiplayer features will automatically link players together who are pursuing a certain monster on the map. A new “paintball” feature will also allow you to “mark” a monster you encounter in your travels, and then “summon” it at home in order to challenge it with friends and family.

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