After announcing the game in April and completing a closed beta test earlier this month, Niantic has announced the launch date for its next major title. Monster Hunter Now will bring mobile monster hunting to your phone September 14.

Monster Hunter Now uses Niantic’s AR technology–which is also seen in games like Pokemon Go and Ingress Prime–to drop the monsters of Capcom’s RPG into the world around you. Players can hunt using touchscreen controls, upgrade weapons, and craft items to use in the next hunt.

Six weapon types will be available to players at launch, including the Sword & Shield, Great Sword, Long Sword, Hammer, Light Gun, and Bow. The game also introduces a “paintball” mechanic where a player can “mark” a monster found in their travels with the paintball item. Once the player returns home, they can “summon” the marked creature on the spot and proceed with the hunt.

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