When it comes to anime, few franchises are as big and as enduring as Naruto. The tail of a maverick ninja-in-training hated and feared by his own village due to the demonic weapon of mass destruction sealed inside of him, Naruto’s epic saga is full of twists, massive battles, and ninja magic brought to life by creator Masashi Kishimoto. If you’ve been looking to check out the manga series–or you have a Naruto fan in your home you’re shopping for this holiday–Amazon and Walmart have great deals on a trio of huge box sets.

  • Naruto Vol. 1-27 (Amazon) — $121 ($215)
  • Naruto Vol. 1-27 (Walmart) — $121 ($215)
  • Naruto Vol. 28-48 (Walmart) — $99 ($175)
  • Naruto Vol. 49-72 (Amazon) — $110 ($185)

First off, there are massive box sets that collect all 700 chapters of Naruto. The first Naruto box set collects the first 27 volumes of the manga, which covers the Land of Waves, Chunin Exams, Konoha Crush, Search for Tsunade, and Sasuke Recovery story arcs. The second set covers the next 21 volumes and kicks off the Shippuden era of the series, which stars an older and craftier Naruto after he returns to the village of Konoha following two years of training. The third and final box set runs from volumes 49-72 and largely focuses on the Fourth Great Ninja War between the allied shinobi nations and the ninja terrorist organization Akatsuki.

All of these collections are available for far below list price, come in handsome slipcase boxes, and are on average cheaper than buying each manga volume individually. For instance, the first box set’s price equates to roughly $4.50 per book.

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