Last year, Lego fans believed that they had gotten the ultimate Lord of the Rings set, a luxurious recreation of the House of Elrond in all its Rivendell glory. But they were all of them deceived, for another set was made. Deep in the Danish plastic mines, Lego forged a master set, and into it, it poured all of its creativity and drive to dominate all toy aisles. One Lego set to rule them all. And now, the dark tower known as Barad-Dûr is available to preorder.

Finally, a Lego set the size of a small child.
Finally, a Lego set the size of a small child.
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This Lord of the Rings set is massive, a 32-inch tall structure consisting of several modular structures built from over 5,400 pieces. It has an armory, a prison, a kitchen, and a throne room to explore, but the real draw here is the almighty Eye of Sauron itself. Not just an evil eye to angrily gaze at you and any wretched Hobbits, it comes with a light-up brick so that it can stare with fiery intensity at you and your collectibles.

For mini-figures, there’ll be 10 in total with this set. You’ll get Gollum, Frodo, Sam, Gothmog, Sauron, the Mouth of Sauron, and several Orcs to pose in and around the dark tower. This is going to be a pricy set at $460, and it’ll launch on June 1 for Lego Insiders. Everyone else can grab it starting June 4. The Rivendell set is also still available, although it does cost a cool $500 and has over 6,000 pieces inside of one giant box.

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