A new Apex Legends patch was released today, finally addressing the “pay-to-win” Flatline skin that was introduced to the game nearly two weeks ago. The Splash Zone Flatline skin–which arrived in game as part of the Sun Squad Collection Event–originally had a pair of iron sights that, according to players, gave anyone using it an unfair advantage. This was addressed by Respawn in late March, but no changes were made until the release of today’s 16.1.1 patch. Though no official patch notes were released, Respawn did list some of the recent changes via a Tweet.

The new patch has updated the Splash Zone’s default sights to more closely resemble the standard Flatline iron sights. Though some players appear to be distraught over the news, others are apathetic. The iron sights are unlikely to affect gameplay for casual players, but esports professionals and other high-ranking players have been outspoken about their disappointment in the new skin, with 100 Thieves’ member NiceWigg demanding refunds be given to players who purchased the skin.

In addition to the Splash Zone update, the new patch has also addressed an issue with attaching and swapping weapon attachments in the game’s inventory screen. When the Sun Squad Collection Event first went live, PC players noticed that the default button to add or remove attachments had been swapped. Instead of clicking the left mouse button to remove an attachment and the right mouse button to swap it, players had to click the right mouse button to remove attachments and the left mouse button to swap them. Now that it’s been fixed, some players are joking that, after spending two weeks with the bug, their muscle memory will take some time to get used to the change.

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