Boba Fett has a distinctive look in Star Wars, but if you’re looking to celebrate the iconic bounty hunter’s career with a more pristine collectible, then check out this clean replica of his trademark helmet. Exclusive to Entertainment Earth, fans can get their hands on–and their heads in–a rare rerelease of a Boba Fett helmet that has been given a Super Stormtrooper makeover and is priced at $105. This is a preorder item and is expected to release in January 2024. For free US shipping, use the code FALLFREE79. We’d expect the replica helmet to sell out, especially since it’s exclusive to a single retailer.

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Boba Fett? Where?
Boba Fett? Where?

A Hasbro Black Series release, the Prototype Armor helmet is a full-scale replica that features premium detail, interior padding, and an adjustable fit. Even better, the rangefinder on the side has built-in flashing LEDs and an illuminated heads-up display similar to the regular Boba Fett helmet in this line of Star Wars replicas. Just press a button and the rangefinder will drop down while it sets the two red LEDs to “hunting” mode as the HUD switches on.

Hasbro’s Black Series has regularly provided some affordable gear for Star Wars cosplayers, and with The Mandalorian TV series being a big draw, these helmets have been great alternatives to other replicas that can cost thousands of dollars. Sure, helmets like the Master Replicas versions can trace their lineage back to a screen-used version that they were cast from, but Hasbro’s helmets look just about as good and are arguably more comfortable to troop around in all day.

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