After a quick tease early this week, Hot Toys has unveiled its new Venom figure as part of its upcoming line of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 collectible figures. Like the Peter Parker and Miles Morales, this version of Venom is a sixth-scale replicate of the swole symbiote, which translates into a very big high-end action figure. You’re getting much more than 19 inches of Venom here.

According to Hot Toys, the video game version of Venom will stand 21 inches / 53cm tall when out of his box, utterly dwarfing not only the Spider-Men but also previous Venom figures. Yes, you could duct-tape both of the New York heroes together and they still wouldn’t be tall enough to look Venom in the eyes. In comparison, the Movie Masterpiece Venom from the 2018 and 2021 films is 15 inches tall and his homicidal counterpart Carnage is 17 inches tall.

He just wants a hug.
He just wants a hug.
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For this new release, Venom has a few key differences from his movie replica incarnation. The symbiote has a more viscous texture that looks like ooze constantly moving around ,and his very own spider logo that has veiny accents. The headsculpt is also different, but like the movie Venom, the material used on the body allows for seamless arm and leg joints. There’ll still be some visible joints around the shoulder, groin, wrist, and ankle areas, but overall this is an imposing and menacing figure that looks like it was ripped straight from the video games. This won’t be a cheap figure, as you’ll pay $455 for this giant, which is expected to arrive between July and December 2024.

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