AMC is set to launch a new spinoff series of its popular show, The Walking Dead, titled The Walking Dead: Dead City, on June 18. In a new teaser trailer exclusively released by Entertainment Weekly, we finally get a first glimpse into what to expect.

The new show features Lauren Cohan’s character, Maggie, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character, Negan. Speculation has been high about whether they’d be working together or fighting against each other. Well, wonder no longer, as the teaser depicts a scene in which Maggie runs over Negan with her truck, followed by a battle between the two, with Negan using a wrench and Maggie wielding a large knife. This scene contrasts with their previous encounter in the series finale where they ended things with a truce. Maggie had invited Negan to stay, but he respectfully declined.

Although it appears the truce is has been invalidated, Maggie needs Negan’s help, and they embark on a journey to Manhattan, where Maggie has a plan. The teaser also shows other scenes, including a boat navigating through a group of floating zombies, an octagon potentially set up for a fighting match, Maggie in chains, and a wanted poster for Negan held by Gaius Charles (Friday Night Lights). In the above gallery, check out a series of stills from the upcoming series.

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