Next month will see a brand-new X-Men animated series launch on Disney+, and Mondo is looking to celebrate the arrival of X-Men ’97 with a fantastic new Rogue figure. Based on the X-Men powerhouse and now available to preorder, this is a sixth-scale replica of the fan-favorite character and it comes with several fun extras.

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Rogue sixth-scale figure by Mondo
Rogue sixth-scale figure by Mondo

The figure itself looks like it was ripped straight from the animated series, and it has a vibrant color scheme to complement its very ’90s fashion. Standing 11.75 inches high, Rogue has an impressive amount of articulation and you can swap between angry or neutral facial expressions. Don’t worry: Both heads are loaded with hair.

You’ll also get several sets of hands–gloved and ungloved in case you need to temporarily depower one of your other toys–and a standard black round base. The special edition version of Rogue exclusive to Mondo’s website is already sold out, and that one featured additional accessories and even an X-Men Evolution headsculpt. The standard is priced at $210 and is expected to start shipping out between June and August 2024.

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