Microsoft has announed yet another special-edition Xbox Wireless Controller design, and for fans of a fancier finish, this Gold Shadow variant looks pretty classy ahead of its October 17 launch. Compared to the Xbox 360 Gold Chrome controller, an ostentatious piece of gaming hardware that was a fingerprint magnet when it was first released, the Gold Shadow controller has subtler design that doesn’t go overboard.

Xbox Gold Shadow wireless controller
Xbox Gold Shadow wireless controller
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The gold blends into a carbon black color, allowing other elements like the metallic gold D-pad to stand out quite nicely. The rest of the controller follows the typical layout that you’d find on other Xbox controllers, including the rubberized grips on the rear, the traditional placement of face buttons, and textured triggers. Microsoft says this particular controller is designed to be a statement piece in any Xbox collection, a prize jewel that eyes will naturally gravitate towards.

This version will be priced at $70 when it launches later this month, and like other models, it can be used on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, PC, and mobile devices. This is one of several special-edition Xbox controllers revealed this year, as Microsoft previously released the Stellar Shift, Stormcloud Vapor, Starfield, Sunkissed Vibes, Arctic Camo, and Velocity Green models. If you’d like to add an extra touch of customization to your Xbox Series X console, you can dress that device up with wraps that will be available soon.

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