You’re going to have to farm a lot of materials that are needed for crafting in Nightingale. Some of these are available fairly early in the campaign. Here’s our guide on how to get Gems, Ore, and Ingots in Nightingale.

How to get Gems, Ore, and Ingots in Nightingale

You can get Gems and Ore by using a Simple Mining Pick to break apart mineral deposits. Here’s a quick summary:

  • The Simple Mining Pick is crafted via a Simple Workbench. It requires 1x Stone Block, 1x Wood Bundle, and 2x Straps.
    • Stone Blocks and Wood Bundles are readily gathered by breaking down stone and chopping down trees with a Mining Pick and Wood Axe, respectively.
    • Straps, meanwhile, need to be crafted by placing Animal Hides in a Tanning Rack.
  • Mineral deposits with Gems and Ores are often found near cliffsides, rocky crags, and coastlines. Gem deposits, naturally, have crystalline parts, whereas Ore deposits appear as darker lumps.
  • Strike these objects repeatedly using your Simple Mining Pick, and pick up the items that drop.
  • Note that it’s also possible to find these materials as loot from chests or enemy drops.
Mineral deposits are often seen along cliffside areas (left) and rocky coasts (right).

How to turn Gems into Glass and Ore into Ingots

You can refine Gems and Ore into Glass and Ingots, respectively, once you’ve built a Simple Smelter. If you don’t have the blueprint yet, we advise buying one from an Essence Trader. Assuming you already have the Simple Smelter blueprint, you can build it if you have 4x Stone Block and 6x Rocks.

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