The holiday season is still a few months away, but Nintendo is wasting no time in revealing a few of its early offers. On October 6, you’ll be able to pick up three new Switch holiday bundles, including a pair of brand-new Animal Crossing-themed Switch Lites. The third bundle includes the regular Switch along with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a Switch Online membership. None of the bundles are available for preorder, and given their “holiday” status, it seems likely you won’t be able to buy one until release day.

Here’s a look at the three bundles to help you decide if you want to add one to your collection. The budget-friendly Switch Lite bundles, in particular, would make for great gifts this holiday. Just be aware that these two could, and likely will, sell out quickly, especially since each bundle is exclusive to a single retailer.

The Nintendo Switch has some exciting upcoming games to play on your brand-new Switch this holiday. Check out a list of the highlights below the bundles.

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