Fanatical never has a shortage of game deals, but its May Madness promotion is always one of its biggest and best offerings. It features a massive collection of discounted games, including recent releases and plenty of big-game games that you may have missed out on previously. Most of the thousands of games that are on sale come as Steam keys, though there are some titles, such as Ubisoft games, that utilize different DRM.

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As an added bonus, spending $12 or more will earn you a spin on the Fanatical Wheel, earning you a coupon that can be redeemed on your next order or even a free game. There’ll be flash deals every day, so don’t forget to check in every 24 hours to see which games are on special.

Some of the highlights of this event include Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate, a gloriously gory entry in the brutal fighting game series. It has a terrific story, fatalities that’ll make you hurl and you can play as some of Hollywood’s greatest legends. Ever stayed up at night wondering if Rambo could carve up Sub-Zero in a one-on-one fight? Well, wonder no more.

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