Children’s TV show Paw Patrol is getting adapted to an open-world video game with the upcoming Paw Patrol World, which releases on September 29 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam. For those looking to grab a copy of the game for the Paw Patrol fan in your home, we’ve put together this quick preorder guide that will show you everywhere you can buy Paw Patrol World on your platform of choice.

Paw Patrol World recreates the world of the TV show, letting players visit familiar locations like Adventure Bay, Jake’s Mountain, and Barkingburg on foot or in customizable vehicles. There’s also an all-new storyline for fans to enjoy, along with plenty of side missions to complete and tons of items to collect in either solo or two-player coop modes.

As mentioned, Paw Patrol World isn’t the only game your kids might love that releases next month; you can also preorder Baby Shark: Sing and Swim ahead of its September 15 launch.

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