1993’s Jurassic Park will be 30 years old on June 11, and actress Ariana Richards–who played John Hammond’s granddaughter Lex in the film–is celebrating with a humorous recreation of the film’s iconic “Jello scene,” where Richards is gobbling down a dessert buffet in the deadly theme park’s kitchen before pausing in horror, the Jello on the end of her fork jiggling as she quivers with fear. The camera zooms in on her terrified expression before revealing that she’s spotted the silhouette of a velociraptor lurking nearby.

The TikTok clip–which was posted to the official Jurassic World TikTok account–features the original scene of then-13-year old Richards looking terrified, but the bottom half of the screen plays new footage of the actress–now 43 years old–re-enacting the spine-tingling, gelatin-jiggling scene for comedic effect.

The following scene (in which Lex and younger brother Tim are hunted through the park’s kitchen by a pair of velociraptors) is not included in the clip, though it’s possible more throwback reenactments will be uploaded in the near future, as the franchise is celebrating the film’s 30th anniversary all month long, dubbing the month “Jurassic June.”

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