Pacific Drive is a game that emphasizes crafting upgrades so you can survive longer in the wilds. As such, it’s important to gather materials, even from objects and parts that you no longer need. Here’s our guide on how to use Garbage Pearls and the Matter Deconstructor in Pacific Drive.

How to use Garbage Pearls and the Matter Deconstructor in Pacific Drive

You can use Garbage Pearls in Pacific Drive by feeding them into Matter Deconstructors. That sounds straightforward enough, so here’s a quick summary:

  • Garbage Pearls look like shiny blobs, akin to a compacted trash heap.
  • They’re also fairly rare. It’s possible to find them when you interact with Friendly Dumpsters in the junctions that you visit all over the zone. You might also discover some in a select few containers, albeit as random loot.
  • Once you’ve built the Matter Deconstructor (more on this in the next section), simply transfer the Garbage Pearl to the machine’s inventory. It will automatically churn out several parts and resources.
Garbage Pearls look like strange lumps or blobs (left), and they should be placed inside the Matter Deconstructor (right).

Matter Deconstructor: Crafting components and uses

The Matter Deconstructor in Pacific Drive is unlocked via the Fabrication Station in your hub. Simply check the Garage tab for the blueprint, which has the following prerequisites:

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