Palworld has been a massive hit after launching this month, as the Pokemon-inspired crafting game has now sold over 7 million copies so far. What makes this figure even more impressive is that it was achieved in just five days and only on PC, as Microsoft has yet to reveal Palworld sales figures–or Game Pass download numbers–on Xbox Series X|S, but developer Pocketpair isn’t resting on its laurels.

The studio has revealed its roadmap for Palworld, and players can look forward to some PvP in an arena mode, the ability to trade Pals with other players across the world, and “major” building system updates. Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe explained this week that adding PvP would be quite challenging, as the studio is well aware of the high bar set by its competitors.

“PvP is really difficult. First of all, we need to think about why we are introducing PvP to Palworld. To begin with, there are many other games that offer a fun PvP experience, so we need to make sure that there is a reason for Palworld players to play PvP,” Mizobe said. “Of course, using Pals you caught in battle is one unique point, but only games that give players a good reason to play can survive in the long term. In this sense, I think it’s a very harsh territory.”

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