After bringing the likes of Pokemon and the NBA to augmented reality–and with names like Marvel and Monster Hunter on the way–Niantic is now entering the world of virtual pets. Peridot, Niantic’s first new IP since its first-ever game Ingress, is available to download now.

Peridot lets players create their own unique creatures called Peridots–or “Dots” for short–with each creature being unique to the player who creates it. Simple touch controls will let you pet your Dot, play fetch with it, feed it, and teach it tricks as it grows, while clothing and other customization options can give a Dot its own unique style.

The game uses a “Perigenetics” system to create procedurally generated creatures with “100% unique DNA,” and according to Niantic, there are “2.3 x 10^24” different possibilities. As more Dots are created, players will discover unique Archetypes, which include some that resemble both real-world animals and mythical creatures.

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