Persona 3 Reload was officially revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase and the trailer gave us a look at how the original game has been reimagined. From the new visual style akin to Persona 5 to the revamp of its combat and exploration, the game looks to be modernized in several aspects. This also comes with the voice actors for each character in Persona 3 Reload getting recast, and the new VAs have been revealing their roles following the official announcement.

Below is a roundup of all the voice actors and their roles we know for Persona 3 Reload.

Persona 3 Character New Voice Actor Original Voice Actor
Protagonist Aleks Le Yuri Lowenthal
Yukari Takeba Heather Gonzalez Michelle Ruff
Mitsuru Kirijo Allegra Clark Tara Platt
Akihiko Sanada Alejandro Saab Liam O’Brien
Junpei Iori Zeno Robinson Vic Mignogna
Aigis Dawn Bennett Karen Strassman
Fuuka Yamagishi Suzie Yeung Paula Tiso
Shinjiro Aragaki Justice Slocum Grant George
Ken Amada Justine Lee Uncredited in original P3
Cindy Robinson in spin-offs

There is reverence for the original voice cast, and they have mostly reprised their roles in the several follow-ups and spin-offs since Persona 3’s release such as Persona Q, Persona 3: Dancing In Moonlight, and Persona 4 Arena and Ultimax. But with a reimagining, and especially with Vic Mignogna’s sexual misconduct allegations and legal issues, it’s best that Persona 3 Reload is going with a new slate of VAs.

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