Atlus has finally revealed Persona 3 Reload will launch for PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam on February 2, 2024. The long-awaited remake will feature revamped visuals, an all-new voice cast, and a re-orchestrated soundtrack, plus new overhauled gameplay that modernizes the beloved PS2 JRPG.

Atlus has announced the various physical and digital editions for Persona 3 Reload, including a massive collector’s edition with an exclusive figure of the character Aigis and other extra content, as well as preorder bonuses for all versions. Digital preorders for Persona 3 Portable are now available, and listings for the physical editions are cropping up at select retailers, so let’s go over the details for Persona 3 Reload’s various editions, preorder bonus, and where to buy.

Persona 3 Reload Preorder bonus

All Persona 3 Reload preorders include the Persona 4 Golden Music pack, which adds six tracks from Persona 4 Golden to the in-game soundtrack.

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