PlayStation Portal, previously known as Project Q, is a Remote Play handheld device designed specifically for PS5. Allowing you to connect to your console via Wi-Fi, it’s aiming to offer a way for you to access your games anywhere in the house. It’s an interesting device, and preorder details are expected to be announced soon. When they do open, there’s bound to be a rush to reserve a unit–so here’s a look at everything the innovative device can do to see if it’s worth battling through the servers to land a preorder.

Keep in mind that this is a streaming device, meaning you’ll need a fast (and reliable) internet connection to get the most use out of the handheld. Sony notes that this is designed as a “device for gamers in households where they might need to share their living room TV or simply want to play games in another room of the house.”

While it was already possible to stream PS5 games using Remote Play, the PlayStation Portal will take advantage of a brand-new wireless technology called PlayStation Link. PlayStation says the new tech offers low latency and lossless audio, which should ideally result in smooth gaming sessions when away from your PS5.

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