The PlayStation Portal is in stock at Amazon. The Remote Play device has been mostly out of stock at major retailers since its November launch. Predictably, scalpers have inflated the price on reseller marketplaces. In a sign of good news, Amazon’s latest restock hasn’t sold out immediately. That said, it will probably sell out soon–so snag a PlayStation Portal while you can.

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There is a downside to Amazon’s latest restock; the estimated delivery date keeps getting pushed back. When we started writing this article, the delivery estimate was listed as late-February. Within 15 minutes, the estimate shifted to mid-April. However, Amazon’s delivery estimates are, after all, just estimates, and it’s not uncommon for Amazon to ship orders earlier than the original estimate.

Keep in mind that this is a streaming device, meaning you’ll need a fast (and reliable) internet connection to get the most use out of the handheld. The Portal only works when synced to a PlayStation 5 console, so if you don’t already own a PS5, you’ll need to get one if you’re interested in the handheld device. The PS5 Slim holiday bundle with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is still available at Amazon for $500.

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