If you’re looking to make your PlayStation 5 console stand out a little bit more, then you’ll want to cast your gaze at this new collection of accessories on the way. The upcoming Deep Earth Collection, three new colors for the DualSense wireless controller and PS5 console covers, giving all of this hardware a smooth metallic finish. Depending on your taste, you can outfit your PS5 with Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, or Sterling Silver covers, and add matching DualSense controllers to complete the look.

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The new console covers will be priced at $60 each, while the Deep Earth DualSense controllers will have an MSRP of $75 each. Preorders for the Deep Earth Collection will begin on October 4, with Volcanic Red and Cobalt Blue accessories launching on November 3, followed by the launch of Sterling Silver accessories on January 26.

Sony says that this new line draws inspiration from the beautiful and powerful hues found in the depths of our planet, and that the metallic finish adds a touch of sophistication to the product. Volcanic Red has a blazing crimson tone to its design, Cobalt Blue mixes deep shades of blue with a slight touch of purple, and Sterling Silver is a more subtle aesthetic for anyone looking for a striking but not ostentatious finish for their PS5.

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