December is here, and one of the best traditions of this festive month revolves around the idea of a daily treat through advent calendars. At several retailers, you can choose from multiple video game and movie franchise advent calendars like Super Mario, Pokemon, and Star Wars. Sure, you’re supposed to have an advent calendar from December 1, but getting one now means that you’re technically allowed to open up several doors at once so that you can catch up. This way, you’ll stay off of Santa’s naughty list.

Advent calendar deals

Some of the themed advent calendars available.
Some of the themed advent calendars available.
  • Pokemon TCG advent calendar (Amazon) — $35 ($50)
  • Pokemon TCG advent calendar (GameStop) — $35 ($50)
  • Pokemon Funko Pop advent calendar (Amazon) — $45 (was $50)
  • Pokemon Funko Pop advent calendar (Best Buy) — $45 (was $50)
  • Super Mario advent calendar (Amazon exclusive) — $50 ($55)
  • Super Mario advent calendar — $38 ($50)
  • Star Wars Funko Pop advent calendar — $37 ($60)
  • Disney Funko Pop advent calendar — $37 ($50)

The Pokemon Trading Card Game advent calendar is pretty great, as it comes with eight foil Pokemon TCG cards, a festive stamp, five Pokemon TCG booster packs, and seven Pokemon TCG three-card packs. You’ll also get two Pokemon coins, sticker sheets, a sidekick dangler of either Pikachu or Glaceon, all wrapped up inside of an attractive box. There’s even a code card for Pokemon TCG Live, as an added bonus, and you can pick up this set for $35 (normally $50).

For something a little different, there’s a $45 Funko Pop Pokemon advent calendar that offers 24 unique Funko Pocket Pops of some of the most beloved Pokemon of all time. You can get your hands on a tiny Pikachu, Charizard, or Umbreon in this set, giving you actual pocket monsters to carry around. Another cute collection of little Funko Pops can be found in this Star Wars advent calendar to help you count down the days of the festive season. In this pack, you’ll get Star Wars characters that have all been reimagined with a festive theme, like a Darth Vader figure decked out in the colors of Christmas and wielding a candy cane weapon.

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