Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s first DLC, The Teal Mask, sends you to a new area called Kitakami, which features new Pokemon not previously found in this entry. One of those new Pokemon is the flying-bug type Yanma and its evolution Yanmega. Yanma has a non-traditional evolution path that you likely won’t stumble upon by accident. Here’s everything you need to know about catching and evolving Yanmega.

Where to catch Yanma

Here's where you can find Yanma's in the wild.
Here’s where you can find Yanma’s in the wild.

Yanma can be found in grassy and rocky areas, with them appearing in both the northern and southern tips of Kitakami, as well as the center of the region and southwestern tip. These dragonfly Pokemon can be spotted fairly easily, thanks to their large size and bright red color.

How to evolve Yanma into Yanmega

Yanma evolves into Yanmega when they know Ancient Power and level up.
Yanma evolves into Yanmega when they know Ancient Power and level up.

In order to evolve Yanma into Yanmega, Yanma needs to level up while it knows the move Ancient Power. Yanma typically learns the ability Ancient Power at level 33 and the majority of wild Pokemon found in the Teal Mask DLC are at least level 55, which is both a positive and a negative. The positive part is that you can open the information screen on your Yanma and head to the moves section to remember old moves. Ancient Power will typically be found in there, but the negative is that not all Yanma’s caught will have known Ancient Power at some point. If the move can’t be remembered, you will either need a TM or to catch a new Yanma. Unfortunately, Ancient Power is not one of the craftable TMs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, so you will have to find one in the open world by chance.

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