An upcoming update for Pokemon Scarlet And Violet is primarily intended to fix an issue related to competitive Japan and Korean tournaments, but it’ll also include a feature that fans have been asking for for months. As announced on Twitter, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will support Pokemon Home from version 3.0.0 onward.

This means that you will be able to put your beloved Pokemon from Scarlet And Violet into Pokemon Home and vice versa. Some fans are happy with this addition, especially the fact that you can apparently put Scarlet and Violet Pokemon into previous games like Sword, Shield, Legends Arceus, or Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl if they exist in that game already. However, others are less than impressed that it took six months to add a feature that they’ve wanted since launch.

To be fair to Pokemon developer Game Freak, Pokemon Home integration has been added months after launch in every recent game in the series. This integration is also significantly more involved than previous Switch games, as it allows for that “backward compatibility” mentioned above. That said, the game’s technical performance on Switch (especially its frame rate) still leaves a lot to be desired, as players continue to note online. A recent update was dinged by fans for not fixing the performance issues, but it did fix several nasty bugs.

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