Imagine that it’s 1999, and the Pokemon Trading card Game has just launched. The bad news is that because you’re a kid, you can’t afford to go all in on booster packs and get that Charizard that you’ve been after, only a terrible Mr. Mime. Fast-forward a few decades, and as an adult, you now have that disposable income to spend on the return of a classic. That’s right, the classic, original Pokemon Trading Card Game is back and it looks better than ever, especially when it comes in a stunning collector’s edition package that’s up for preorder now. But be prepared to drop some serious cash in your pursuit of nostalgia.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic

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Preorder at Walmart

Available at Walmart, the $400 Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic collection includes three 60-card decks featuring the original first partner Pokemon inspired by the Pokémon TCG Base Set and several other iconic cards from the game’s history. All three Pokemon, Charizard, Blastoise, and Venosaur, will be presented as shiny foil cards. In addition to the vintage favorites, six new cards will be available as well. Fans can expect Ex versions of Suicune, Lugia, and Ho-Oh to headline these new releases.

On top of that, the collection also comes with a foldable two-player game board, stackable damage counter cones, two sets of condition markers, and a toolbox case that keeps everything conveniently stored.

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