McFarlane Toys has been producing an almost non-stop line of action figures since it first acquired the DC Comics license a few years ago, and at San Diego Comic-Con, the company revealed an impressive box set of Caped Crusaders from across multiple eras of cinema. The Batman: The Ultimate Movie Collection 6-Pack is now available to preorder at Best Buy and GameStop ahead of its September 22 release, but you’ll want to move fast as this collection of Dark Knights already sold out at Amazon. The set costs $120, but Best Buy Plus/Total members can snatch up this collection for $108, while GameStop Pro members can grab it for $114.

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Batman: The Ultimate Movie Collection
Batman: The Ultimate Movie Collection
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Inside of the deluxe box you’ll find six Batmen, art cards, display bases, and even a light-up Bat-Signal that has interchangeable plates for each of the Dark Knight’s big screen appearances. As for the Gotham City vigilantes, the set includes Michael Keaton’s Batman from 1989, Val Kilmer in the Sonar batsuit from 1995’s Batman Forever, George Clooney in the blue Panther batsuit from 1997’s Batman & Robin, Christan Bale wearing his upgraded batsuit from 2008’s The Dark Knight, Ben Affleck in the tactical batsuit from 2017’s Justice League, and Robert Pattinson in the Pattsuit from 2022’s The Batman.

Each seven-inch scale figure comes with a decent amount of articulation, fabric capes, and even the ability to move their heads. Keaton must be jealous. While several of these Batman figures have been released in previous McFarlane Toys waves, the Kilmer and Clooney figures are new additions and are exclusive to this collection. Meanwhile, the ’89 Batman is available in in the Amazon-exclusive Batmobile bundle, which is sold out and probably one of the reasons why this collection has been selling so well since it was first announced.

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