John Wick: Chapter 4 hit theaters earlier this year, offering yet another action-packed thrill ride helmed by the beloved Keanu Reeves. You’ll have a chance to relive the entire quest for revenge later this year with the John Wick: Chapter 1-4 Collection Blu-ray, which releases on October 17 and is available to preorder now.

All told, the four movies have a runtime of 588 minutes–which should keep you busy for a long weekend. The latest installment is worthy of the John Wick name, earning Universal Acclaim from viewers on Metacritic. Reviewers were a bit more critical of the film, but it still earned generally favorable reviews based on nearly 60 critic reviews.

Longtime John Wick fans will find this to be a budget-friendly way to relive the series. Newcomers will find a lot to love too, as you can simply roll through the entire series on a single disc instead of bouncing around on streaming platforms trying to find all four movies.

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