The best thing about simulating flight is that it’s usually much safer and less scary than the real deal, and for Prime Day 2023, you can get your hands on some excellent peripherals to make that passion a reality. Logitech’s popular flight controllers are now on sale for Prime members, starting with the G Pro flight yoke system for just $100 (usually $170) at Amazon.

Logitech flight system controllers
Logitech flight system controllers
  • Logitech G PRO Flight Yoke system — $100 ($170)
  • Logitech G X52 Pro USB flight control system — $180 ($230)

These realistic yoke controls combine stainless steel materials with dozens of programmable buttons to simulate the interior of a cockpit. You can also safely secure it to a desk, as it has built-in clamps that can tightly grip a wide range of surfaces. You can add the Logitech G X52 Pro system to this purchase for an extra layer of authenticity, as this set of control sticks have been discounted from $230 to $180 this week.

This set of controls have a dual-spring centering mechanism to provide smooth movement, a multifunction LCD display, 3D twist with rudder lock, and 282 Programmable Commands over three modes. Combined, these peripherals can be used in a wide number of games. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a great choice thanks to the sheer number of aircraft available in that game, and if you’re planning ahead to September, Starfield looks set to be another great game to add an immersive touch like this to. There’s even a Microsoft Flight Simulator sequel coming out next year, if you want to prepare for 2024.

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