Destiny 2: The Final Shape may still be a few months away due to its delay, but its collector’s edition is now beginning to ship to those who preordered it. Bungie sent one our way, and while we’ve already covered the nice nostalgia-packed items it contains and some potential story implications for where things might be going, I also wish to impart a more practical tip to anyone who gets one: Keep the screwdrivers and other prying tools away.

The centerpiece of the CE is a replica of the Tower from the original Destiny. It comes with a pair of figurines representing Zavala and Ikora, which can be placed atop the Tower to hear some dialogue lines. (The quality of the speaker, it should be said, is disappointing, but it’s a minor gripe given this is going to sit silently on a shelf rather than be used to play audio.) But if you remember what was promised when preordering the thing, you know there should be a third figure, one for Cayde, who’s set to return in some capacity in The Final Shape.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape collector's edition
Destiny 2: The Final Shape collector’s edition

Not seeing him in the box, I frantically looked through all of the packaging, thinking Cayde must have just fallen out. That produced no results, sending me back to the original product listing on the Bungie Store. There’s a tease there that got my mind grapes going: “Eido mentioned that there are messages of hope, inspiration, and wisdom that can be discovered through thorough examination of the Tower architectural replica and its accessories.”

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