Ready Player One is among the most popular video game novels ever written, landing not just on the New York Times Best Seller list, but also getting a movie adaptation from Stephen Spielberg. If you haven’t read it or need a gift for the gamer of your family, consider picking it up while it’s on sale at Amazon for just eight bucks ahead of Black Friday 2023. You’ll also find its sequel on sale for $11 as well as deals on Ernest Cline’s other gaming novel and a superb 2022 novel that follows the lives of two game designers.

Ready Player One takes place in 2045, with most of humanity spending time in a virtual world known as OASIS. But when the creator of the program dies, he sets up an elaborate puzzle–and the first to solve his riddles will become the new owner of OASIS. Ready Player Two continues this story, focusing on a series of new mysteries that could have serious implications for OASIS and the future of the world.

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