The Steam Deck is one of those rare gaming devices that changes the way you play games, but Valve’s handheld gaming PCs can get fairly pricey–at least in comparison to other dedicated handhelds like the Nintendo Switch. Luckily, Valve is now selling authorized refurbished models online through Steam and in-store at select GameStop locations .

The refurbished models are discounted by up to 20% compared to buying a new Steam Deck at full price, which brings the basic 64GB Steam Deck down to $319 (normally $399), the 256GB model to $419 (normally $529), and the high-end 512GB model with the anti-glare screen to $519 (normally $649).

See refurb Steam Decks on Steam

Some customers may be apprehensive about buying a preowned Steam Deck, but the refurbishment process should ensure they look, feel, and perform as close to brand-new as possible, and the discount is good enough to warrant consideration if you’re planning to buy Valve’s handled.

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