Given the sheer volume of great games, it has been challenging to keep up with 2023’s release schedule. In addition to brand-new experiences, the year has brought a handful of standout remasters and remakes, including Resident Evil 4. If you missed out on the wonderful remake of the 2005 classic at launch or were waiting for a discount, now’s your chance. Resident Evil 4 is discounted from $60 to just $40 for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PS4. If you’re a PC gamer, you can get the standard edition for just $33.65 or the Deluxe edition for $41.64 at Green Man Gaming.

Best Buy has the game available on all three of those platforms, and at Amazon, only the PS4 version is available for now. The good news is that if you’re planning to play it on PS5, you can grab a free current-gen upgrade. You’ll just need to keep your disc in the PS5 console for authentication, but using this method, you can download a digital PS5 version and enjoy Leon Kennedy’s gruesome Spanish vacation in all its 4K gory glory.

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Leon Kennedy might be outgunned–biologically–by the infected cultists who have kidnapped the daughter of the president of the United States, but years of Secret Service training have transformed him from a rookie cop and into a lethal weapon.

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