All eyes are on Rockstar Games this week as the studio prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary with the first official look at Grand Theft Auto 6. Fans have been waiting years for Rockstar to lift the lid on the next GTA chapter, but as some eagle-eyed players have noticed, the developer might have teased the trailer reveal date months ago.

As spotted by PCGamesN earlier this year, GTA Online added a new T-shirt at the time that read “OneDayWillRevealAll” and also included a number sequence of 12523. Putting two and two together–or separating by two digits–that sequence could be interpreted as December 5, 2023. Several people on Twitter made note of this at the time, and just a few days ago, Rockstar announced that the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer will debut on December 5 at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET.

Right now, everyone is beginning to get hyped for this reveal. Several video game publishers and studios are cheekily jumping onto the GTA 6 bandwagon with their own announcements that reference the chill Miami colors of Rockstar’s original tweet. There are also three little birds in that image, but so far, Bob Marley’s estate has been very quiet.

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