Most TVs have speakers that pale in comparison to soundbars and standalone speakers. And while many TVs are of the “smart” variety and support streaming apps, it’s not uncommon to experience sluggish performance compared to dedicated streaming boxes. These are the big selling points of the Roku Streambar. It offers smooth 4K streaming thanks to powerful internal hardware, and it doubles as a soundbar with support for Dolby Audio. Right now, you can snag the Roku Streambar with a Wireless Subwoofer for only $150 (down from $250). The Streambar on its own normally costs $130, so this is a tremendous deal.

The Roku Streambar supports 4K output, making it a good pairing for every TV. Coupled with the fact that this is a bonafide soundbar (complete with Dolby Audio and four internal speakers), and it’s a extremely versatile device. It’s especially appealing if you have limited space on your entertainment center.

Roku OS has some neat audio features, too, including the ability to automatically lower the volume when commercials start, increase the volume and clarity of voices, and different sound modes for day/night.

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