Xbox wireless controllers feature some of the most varied colors around, and if you’re looking for something stellar, then this attractive variant will easily catch your eye. Over at Walmart, the Stellar Shift Special Edition is now on sale for $50, while Best Buy Plus and Total members can get it for the same price as well.

Xbox Stellar Shift wireless controller
Xbox Stellar Shift wireless controller
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This particular version of the Xbox controller features a subtle gradient of blue and purple colors, with just a hint of shimmer drifting between these tones. It makes for a very attractive peripheral, and it stands out from the other versions that have brighter and flatter colors.

On top of that, this is still an excellent controller and happens to also be compatible with PC and mobile devices. One of the more comfortable controllers on the market with superb ergonomics, the Xbox wireless controller doesn’t feature the advanced haptic feedback of the PlayStation DualSense but it makes up for it with durable design, long-lasting battery-life, and excellent textured triggers.

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